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We have tackled many projects to help our school!

  • We added locks to many rooms to ensure the students' safety
  • We worked with the football team to fix their water station
  • We made laser engraved signs for the school
  • We created cost-effective 3D-printed mouthpieces for our band students
  • We work to spread STEM and FIRST to our greater community

  • We gave four presentations at the West Linn Public Library for kids & their families
  • We give presentations at middle and elementary schools for students interested in STEM
  • We participate in Bunny Bots in the off season
  • We participate in the Girls Generation program
  • We have many plans for the future including:

  • Hosting two weeks of summer camp for for middle schoolers and incoming freshmen
  • Hosting a day camp for middle schoolers
  • Unified Robotics!

    Our Unified team students building their robot

    We are looking to mentor FLL and Jr. FLL teams. Please contact us if you are interested!

    The team went to Trillium Creeek Elementary School to show off our robot and introduce kids to FIRST and FLL.