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Tacoma Regional Event

Last week, our team competed in the PNW regional in Tacoma. We placed 48 out of 56 and unfortunately will not be competing at Worlds in Houston. Our team fought hard at the competition and will give it our all next year.

A picture of our team with Protostar.

Clackamas Academy Districts

Last week, our team competed in our second of two district events. This event took place at the Clackamas Academy in Oregon City. After the qualification matches over the first day and a half, our record was 8-3-1, and we were in 9th place. We were selected by team 3024, My favorite Team, from Ashland, to join the 5th Alliance, and the team leaders decided to pick team 6465, Mystic Biscuit, from Bend. We won our first playoff match, but unfortunately lost our next two, preventing us from advancing. The competition left us in a favorable spot to advance to the district event in Tacoma.

A video of our first quarterfinal playoff match at the Clackamas Academy.

Wilsonville Districts

Tuesday March 12th, 2019

For three days last week our team was involved in the PNW District Wilsonville Event, our first competition of the season. After the qualification matches we were seeded 9th overall with a record of 7-5-1. We moved up to become the seventh alliance after the first alliance selections, and picked Team 957 (SWARM Robotics) and Team 6343 (Steel Ridge Robotics) for the playoff matches. Unfortunately, we lost to Alliance 2, which went on to win the playoffs. We recieved two awards, the Safety Award, awarded to teams using innovative methods to protect against hazards, and the prestigious Judges' Award, which is an award given to the team that the judges believe deserve recognition for their efforts.

Protostar carrying a hatch panel to the Rocket.

Chairman's Video

Thursday February 7th, 2019

The Chairman's Award is the award given to the team that best embodies the purpose of FIRST and is exemplary. This is Team 7034's 2019 submission for the chairman's award.

2018 Season Recap

Parker Carlson | Thursday May 17th, 2018

Our 2018 season recap video is now out! Watch it here:

Houston Championship

Quinn Manes | Thursday April 26th, 2018

At the World Championship in Houston we competed with 67 other teams in the Hopper division. We were ranked 38 at the end of the qualifying matches but were not picked for the elimination stages. Because of our performance as a team, we won the rookie inspiration award.

The Determinator extends its arm before it climbs.

Heading to Worlds

Quinn Manes | Thursday May 12th, 2018

Our team will be heading to Houston on April 18 to participate in the world championship. Traveling to the tournament will cost a lot of money and we could use funding. Donate to our GoFundMe to help pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food. If you want to watch us compete, our matches will be broadcasted live on Twitch.

The team on the field after winning the Rookie All Star award.

Pacific Northwest District Championship

Quinn Manes | Monday April 9th, 2018

Because of our teams performance in the regional tournaments we were able to go to the Pacific Northwest District Championships. At the tournament we achieved the rank of 26 out of 64 teams at the end of the qualifying matches, however we were not picked for the elimination round. Because of our outstanding performance for a rookie team, we were awarded the Rookie All Star award which guarenteed us a spot at the international tournament in Houston.

Team 7034's human player prepares to deliver a cube to the robot.

Lake Oswego District Event

Quinn Manes | Monday April 2nd, 2018

At the second qualifying tournament in Lake Oswego we finished in rank 19 but we were picked by an alliance for the elimination rounds. Sadly, we lost in the quarter finals but we were able to get the trophies for the highest seeded rookie and the rookie allstar award! Our robot also had the second highest climb score of the event and was able to climb in ten out of our twelve games!

A whiteboard with information about our climbing statistics.

Our first match, where Team 847 PHRED attempts a double climb on us.

Wilsonville District Event

Quinn Manes | Monday March 12th, 2018

At the first qualifying tournament in Wilsonville we were able to achieve rank 7 after the first qualifying matches. Because of our high rank, we became the 4th seed captain in the elimination rounds, however we lost in the quarter finals. Because of our high rank we won the Highest Rookie Seed award.

The team removes the robot after sucessfully climbing on the center bar.

Corvallis Scrimmage

Quinn Manes | Monday February 19th, 2018

Our team went to Corvallis to compete in a pre-season scrimmage. We competed with other teams in order to learn more about our robots strengths and weaknesses. We used what we learned from the scrimmage to modify our robot so it would perform better in the tournament.

The team prepares for a practice match.